How to Increase Sex Drive & Libido Naturally

Today I want to talk to you about natural ways to boost your sexual desire. Why? Do you know the top number 1 concern women tend to have? Low sexual desire. Do you know one of the top concerns men tend to have? Low sexual desire. Everyone experienced that, and it’s no longer men or women anymore.

One of the core issues that I see right now is that most of the people run towards the pharmacy to get this magic pill and medicate themselves. Yes, we live in this highly medicated society where we take medication for medication, and that’s the slope that you become just the mitigated by. It’s another way of addiction frankly when you start medicating yourself. When in reality with sexual desire most of the time issues are in our head and this bad department where we have more than 600,000 thoughts every day, science says. And more importantly, my passionate invitation to you is to reframe it in your mind that you are in charge of your sexual desire, not sexual desire is in charge of you. It’s not like this guess that comes and goes like a plane lands and takes off. You just have to nurture, daily nurture on a consistent basis, grow, pay attention to it and devote time to it. If you go to the gym and never lift weights, would you ever wonder why you have no muscles? No. The same is true for sexual desire.

And one of the things that impact your sexual desire the most is a lack of good sleep. Please have a good sleep. When I pulled up study from the University of Washington they found out, and it’s not the bottle birth, but they discovered that if you don’t have enough sleep, the testosterone level in men tends to be lower. And we know there are so many studies that prove our linkage, connection between testosterone level as a man hormone level and your sexual desire. So what happens is your chemicals are out of whack in your body.

When we sleep, there is a reason why people sleep (is not because we were never designed ever to sleep), our body, our neurons getting back in balance, our cortisol level goes down, and we wake up with this beautiful (supposedly) balance of hormones in our bodies, so we ready again to create, grow and love. And when you don’t get enough sleep that ain’t happening.

Also please keep a healthy weight. And I will tell you why. Medical school from Washington found that people tend to have low testosterone and for women, our estrogen levels, progesterone levels, are also kind of dancing all over the floor when we don’t pay attention to our weight. So keep a healthy weight.

You also take some herbs that are known to increase libido in women. They are all-natural and that is why they won’t cause any side effects.