How To Boost Your Sexual Experience


Body Chemistry

The chemicals that you take can interfere some can interfere the sexual experience. Some chemicals may enhance the experience, but they don’t enhance the entire experience. You may get a certain stimulation in one part of the brain but not in others. You may not be able to complete the act. You want the experience to be something that all the way through you can enjoy, and perform, and get something out of rather than forcing the issue. But a lot of chemicals will interfere, and that is a problem.

Especially when we talk about a lot of the antipsychotic drugs, we talk about antidepressants, we talk about other things that are meant to help with mood and emotion. They definitely can mess up the whole sexual experience. In fact in so many cases there is a quite of loss of libido. So we need to find out ways to balance the chemistry without using outside chemicals, getting the body to balance itself up. It is much more important.



Then we have got to think about how healthy you are. If you have had things developed – diabetes, cardiovascular symptoms – if you are not healthy, there is no way you can perform a sexual act to its fullest. You are going to have problems; you can have high blood pressure, and have really good sex. You can have diabetes and have as good as sex. Anything that you do to your health is going to affect the sexual experience. It is going to affect it for you, and it is going affect it to your partner. Sure you can get through it, it could be something that is done and over an maybe a small bit of enjoyment around it. But think back to a time when you had really good sex and it not likely was a time when you are a little bit healthier, or if you are healthy right now you probably find that your sexual experience has been enhanced.

So if you have a health problem – solve it. There is a solution to it, any health problem out there. Now you probably can heal it overnight, you probably are going to have to change in stages, in small amounts but for the benefit of your partner, for the benefit of you, start working on your health. That will work on your sexual experience, and it is an important part of life.