Herbal Viagra Alternatives That Work


Viagra is very efficient and works fast. Viagra increases circulation of blood. It starts acting after half an hour, and the effect is still for few hours. However, some men like natural alternatives. They only want the nondrug options. Are there natural treatments for erectile dysfunction? Or to be specific: are there any herbal Viagra alternatives that work? Of course. There are.

Not all people need to consume Viagra. Sometimes what man need is to consume right food, perform exercise regularly and take some herbal supplements. There are some effective supplements on the market today. You may see first results in a couple of several days or weeks. If you are looking for herbal Viagra alternatives that work, here they are.

Ginkgo Biloba


It is a botanical that was consumed to improve memory. However, it can be used as Viagra alternative too. How? Here is how. It supposedly works by improving blood circulation. It also seems to have no severe side effects.

According to a study, Ginkgo Biloba decreased sex issues in 84% of men who were on antidepressant medication. People who can see the good effect from this herb are men who are taking antidepressants. You should take 80 mg of Ginkgo Biloba, three times per day.



Arginine is an amino acid that improves circulation of blood in your body.  According to some researchers, 31% of men with erectile dysfunction enhanced this condition after taking arginine for six weeks.  Men with circulatory issues (that may be a reason for poor sexual performance) may get advantages from consuming Arginine.  You are recommended to take 1 g 3 times per day.

Just like Viagra, if you are using nitroglycerin drugs for your heart, then you mustn’t consume Arginine. Why? Because if you combine Arginine and nitroglycerin, it will cause a fall in your blood pressure. For the same reason, you should not take Arginine with Viagra.



This hormone also gives advantages for males with poor levels of male hormone. It helps our bodies make testosterone and estrogen. According to a new study, DHEA helped men with ED. You should take 5 milligrams each morning.


According to some studies, yohimbine has been shown to cure erectile dysfunction. But remember that Yohimbe can be a reason for increased blood pressure. For that reason, many physicians prescribe the refined form of Yohimbe. Because it has potency. If you are going to opt for Yohimbe, you should consult with your healthcare provider.

So, those are the herbal Viagra alternatives. They all work. They are also relatively safe too. That’s right. They are good options for people who don’t want to use a drug such as Viagra but want the same effects. But, just like anything else, you should be careful. Especially if you opt for arginine or Yohimbe. If needed, you should consult your doctor. But if you according to the recommended way, you should be fine. You will get all the benefits with none of the risks.

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How To Increase Buttocks And At The Same Time To Lose Weight At The Waist?


Many women begin to engage in fitness, but they didn’t choose a specific, achievable goal. Why are they exercising and what results they would like to see? What do they want to change in their bodies? Looking at fashion magazines and photos of pop divas, they don’t see the real pictures because all these photos have been photoshopped beyond recognition. In fact, if you follow these standards, you can lose health as well as the common sense.

To lose weight women sit on a diet, but their reflection in the mirror is far away from the celebrities, and also they see that they are losing weight not in the waist, but in the hips that aren’t big enough. It brings a lot of suffering and worries how to improve it.

How to increase the buttocks and slim the waist: Myths

Many believe that it is enough to do aerobic exercises with small loads and doing everything at a rapid pace to make your waist slim and quickly pump up the buttocks. Therefore ABL training became popular. But it turns out in the future, that this training can give elastic muscle and eliminate body fat. It looks good, but the body does not always become slim. But we want to reach the ideal figure, and not become a convenient hanger for beautiful clothes, like mannequins, they do not need a feminine figure.


Some are looking for an alternative in home exercises on the newfangled simulators: elliptical trainers and steppers, and cardio trainers. Again, they can tone muscles and eliminate body fat, but you won’t be able to build muscles with them. Particularly in the area of the gluteal muscle. Such home exercises will help you get rid of the cellulite problem and slightly tighten your body. But if you want to have big curves, you need power loads.

Buttock augmentation using power training

For the muscle building in the buttocks area and at the same time weight loss you will require a serious approach and perseverance, and this complex problem will be solved. We offer to remember the following steps:

  • During training use loads;
  • Eat protein foods;
  • Increase consumption of complex carbohydrates per kg of body weight;
  • Nutrition should be a very high-calorie.

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What is Male Infertility and How to Diagnose it?


I would like to take a few moments to talk with you about male infertility. In this article, I’m going to talk to you about the causes of infertility, the evaluation of infertility, and what treatment options are available for male infertility.

Infertility is the inability to procreate touches at heart and the emotion of most individuals. It can end up causing loss of virility, and if it lasts long enough in the couple’s very interested in having a child, it can result in depression of both a man and a woman. Nearly six million couples in the United States have a problem with infertility, and 15-30% of all couples suffer from infertility. Interestingly enough 35-40% at the time the problem resides within the male.

The causes of infertility can be something you were born with; it can be something acquired along the way, it can be due to environmental toxins, or can be due to various disease processes. The evaluation for male infertility is usually conducted by a urologist, who has an interest in male reproduction. It usually consists of a careful history, a physical examination, and then a few laboratory tests, namely a semen analysis.

The doctor will be asking you about your history, have you had a history of months that have affected your testicles, have you had prior testicular trauma, or have you had a testicular tumor resulting in the removal of one of the testicles. Also, he will ask you about your alcohol and tobacco consumption, whether you have used anabolic steroids for bodybuilding, how frequently do you use hot tubs, and also the type of underwear that you use.


You’ll also be clear about various medications that you use on a regular basis, and the doctor will want to know how long you and your partner have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive a child. You also will be informed about the timing of intercourse, and the doctor will want to know if you understand when ovulation takes place, and you are having sex around the time of ovulation. He will also ask you about your use of lubrication, as lubrication can potentially result in damaging the sperm and causing the death of the sperm, making infertility difficult or impossible. It is also important to know whether you’ve had a recent febrile illness because any illness, even an upper respiratory tract infection, associated with the fever can impact male fertility.

The physical examination consists of a careful study of the testicles looking at the testicles for their size, inconsistency. The scrotum is examined for a varicocele, which is a dilated vein along the testicle that can impact or decrease the sperm count and movement. You will also have a digital rectal exam, checking the prostate. Other tests that may be ordered are a vasogram, which checks vas deferens to make sure that there are no blockages or obstruction of the vas, you may even have a testicular biopsy, and if there is a family history of infertility in the man, then a testicle biopsy may be performed as well as genetic testing.

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Small Penis Size Anxiety

Today I want to give you a few strategies of how you can give a woman this juiciness, delicious sex life without really being concerned about your penis.

Based on the study of the psychology of men and masculinity, they found that forty-five percent of men worry about their penis size. In reality, I think, from my professional experience, this number it should be pumped up by seventy-five percent because it’s that crazy. Spending time worrying about the penis size when you can really have this amazing sex life happening. Let’s face when you worry about your penis size, performance anxiety comes, and you lose the erection; your erection is not strong enough; you are not going all-in confident that she can experiment with so many different positions when you worry about your penis size. When you worry about your penis you often cannot enjoy oral sex that she gives you because she’s just right there, what does she think about my penis size? Am I getting into your heart? I know I’ve seen it all in in my professional practice. The proven way of natural penis enlargement is called penile stretching. You can learn this method to make sure you can expect huge results. You can find top rated penis extender on this site https://top10penisextenders.com/pills/penis-extenders/compare

So let’s talk about a few strategies you can introduce into your sex life if you do think you have a small penis size.

Okay, master the art of seduction. When I talk to women who been having partners who might be a smaller sized, they’ve been mesmerized and really adored by his art of seduction. Sex starts outside of the point bedroom and it slowly with the foreplay outside of the bedroom is being there for her and really helping her getting in touch with her sexuality. I never met a woman who would say yes, big dick versus a man who makes her feel like she’s the most feminine, precious, jewel and pearl on earth. Never. Know how to be hundred percent present more importantly by doing that you’re going to be ahead of those guys who have really oversized bags, and there are baggage play, that who will never put even in effort and slide his tiniest possibility to get themselves to the level you will by mastering this art of seduction either communication.

Another one is exploring oral sex. Sex is not just intercourse; it’s oral sex. So use your tongue, use your lips, use your fingers. I just give you three really great strategies that almost man do not know how to perform oral sex. Most women need a sense of containment in their vagina so use your miracle fingers. And in fact this one of the core strategies I have been using in helping people who have been through combat and different limitations in their life, through their physicality and disabilities. As long as you have you two fingers and mouth, you can have an amazing sex as you can ever wish for.

Small penis is never the sole reason a woman would leave you, and I really mean it. And I know where your fear comes in is probably one of those women who been hurting so bad at some point in their life, who could have told you that “your penis is too small, you’re not a man anymore.” I know it could have happened, but the only reason why she could have said something like that is because she was hurting herself not because of the reality itself.

How to Increase Sex Drive & Libido Naturally

Today I want to talk to you about natural ways to boost your sexual desire. Why? Do you know the top number 1 concern women tend to have? Low sexual desire. Do you know one of the top concerns men tend to have? Low sexual desire. Everyone experienced that, and it’s no longer men or women anymore.

One of the core issues that I see right now is that most of the people run towards the pharmacy to get this magic pill and medicate themselves. Yes, we live in this highly medicated society where we take medication for medication, and that’s the slope that you become just the mitigated by. It’s another way of addiction frankly when you start medicating yourself. When in reality with sexual desire most of the time issues are in our head and this bad department where we have more than 600,000 thoughts every day, science says. And more importantly, my passionate invitation to you is to reframe it in your mind that you are in charge of your sexual desire, not sexual desire is in charge of you. It’s not like this guess that comes and goes like a plane lands and takes off. You just have to nurture, daily nurture on a consistent basis, grow, pay attention to it and devote time to it. If you go to the gym and never lift weights, would you ever wonder why you have no muscles? No. The same is true for sexual desire.

And one of the things that impact your sexual desire the most is a lack of good sleep. Please have a good sleep. When I pulled up study from the University of Washington they found out, and it’s not the bottle birth, but they discovered that if you don’t have enough sleep, the testosterone level in men tends to be lower. And we know there are so many studies that prove our linkage, connection between testosterone level as a man hormone level and your sexual desire. So what happens is your chemicals are out of whack in your body.

When we sleep, there is a reason why people sleep (is not because we were never designed ever to sleep), our body, our neurons getting back in balance, our cortisol level goes down, and we wake up with this beautiful (supposedly) balance of hormones in our bodies, so we ready again to create, grow and love. And when you don’t get enough sleep that ain’t happening.

Also please keep a healthy weight. And I will tell you why. Medical school from Washington found that people tend to have low testosterone and for women, our estrogen levels, progesterone levels, are also kind of dancing all over the floor when we don’t pay attention to our weight. So keep a healthy weight.

You also take some herbs that are known to increase libido in women. They are all-natural and that is why they won’t cause any side effects.

How To Boost Your Sexual Experience


Body Chemistry

The chemicals that you take can interfere some can interfere the sexual experience. Some chemicals may enhance the experience, but they don’t enhance the entire experience. You may get a certain stimulation in one part of the brain but not in others. You may not be able to complete the act. You want the experience to be something that all the way through you can enjoy, and perform, and get something out of rather than forcing the issue. But a lot of chemicals will interfere, and that is a problem.

Especially when we talk about a lot of the antipsychotic drugs, we talk about antidepressants, we talk about other things that are meant to help with mood and emotion. They definitely can mess up the whole sexual experience. In fact in so many cases there is a quite of loss of libido. So we need to find out ways to balance the chemistry without using outside chemicals, getting the body to balance itself up. It is much more important.



Then we have got to think about how healthy you are. If you have had things developed – diabetes, cardiovascular symptoms – if you are not healthy, there is no way you can perform a sexual act to its fullest. You are going to have problems; you can have high blood pressure, and have really good sex. You can have diabetes and have as good as sex. Anything that you do to your health is going to affect the sexual experience. It is going to affect it for you, and it is going affect it to your partner. Sure you can get through it, it could be something that is done and over an maybe a small bit of enjoyment around it. But think back to a time when you had really good sex and it not likely was a time when you are a little bit healthier, or if you are healthy right now you probably find that your sexual experience has been enhanced.

So if you have a health problem – solve it. There is a solution to it, any health problem out there. Now you probably can heal it overnight, you probably are going to have to change in stages, in small amounts but for the benefit of your partner, for the benefit of you, start working on your health. That will work on your sexual experience, and it is an important part of life.

Why Vimax Volume Is So Effective To Increase Sperm Volume


Having a low count of sperm could be a problem for some guys. It can also be a problem for a couple who really wants to have a kid. If you are one of those men, it is okay to take medicine in order to gain more sperm volume. Vimax volume is a really good medication that will help you gain more sperm count. We can recommend Vimax volume for so many advantages. If you do not believe us, you might want to stay around for a bit. Here is why Vimax volume is so effective in increasing sperm volume.

Increase sperm counts


The first reason why it is so effective is the fact it works in gaining more sperm. In various reviews on the internet, people are satisfied with this product. After taking the pills for several days, you will notice a slightly different in your sperm counts. Once you have already been taking it for a while, you will see a massive different. You will notice that you ejaculate a lot more sperm after taking the drug. Not only it will increase the chance of having a kid, but it will also add more pleasure in your orgasm.

Almost No Side Effects


It is also highly effective thanks to the natural ingredients that it has. First of all, the elements are high-quality herbs that have been proved in aiding sexual prowess. For instance, the lingzhi mushroom is one of the main ingredients which are a really healthy mushroom. They also add san guo mu and other natural herbs in the formula. Therefore, you can always be sure that the products will not result in dangerous side effects. It is safe medication out there for sperm counts enhancement.

Possible allergic reaction

Yes, the company claims that there are no side effects from these natural ingredients. But we will never know if someone will get allergic to them. In other words, the effects from the medication might vary to different people. That is why you should be reading the ingredients carefully to decide whether you can take it or not. If you want to accept the risk of allergy, maybe you should just proceed. We can definitely state that this medication will not result in allergic condition if you are in the best condition. That is why you should talk to our physician when taking these pills.

Costly pricing

Since it is made with the best herbals, it can be considered high-end products. Therefore, the pricing will be slightly on the higher end in the market. But it also signifies that this product is high quality. That is why these tablets are considered to be very effective for so many different people. Not only they know how to increase your sperm counts, but it is also very healthy for your body. You can buy it directly from their company. That way, you know that you are getting them from the right source.

Recommendation of Low Sperm Count Pills


Low sperm volume has become the popular men disorder nowadays. The low sperm count is the sperm count which is below 40 million per cubic centimeter. While the average men sperm count is around 120 to 350 million per cubic centimeter.

Your low sperm count can be caused by some factors such as the chemicals, radiation, alcohol consumption, drug use, etc. There are some ways to improve your sperm count, from the natural ways to the surgery methods. From those methods, you can also try to use pills and supplements as your medication. In this article, I’ll give you some examples of low sperm count pills that work. These are the essential substances which should be found on your pills.



This kind of supplement is so useful for production, formation and maturation of sperm. This substance is present  in the head of the sperm. L-arginine is proven to increase the sperm count and its quality. Some experts recommend that by consuming 500 mg of L-arginine daily can improve men sperm count. But if you have already had the normal volume of sperm, you can still consume this supplement and pill. Doctors recommend you to take 4 grams of L-arginine daily. Before taking this, it’s better for you to ask your doctor first.



This supplement is also beneficial for sperm maturation and functioning. It’s said that L-carnitine can help to protect your sperm from the damages. It also has been proven that L-carnitine can improve the sperm volume, quality, and motility. If your sperm contains the more l-carnitine substance, your sperm count will be higher, and your sperm will a; so be more motile. If your body has the deficiency of L-carnitine, your sperm function, motility and development will obviously decrease.

Besides two supplements above, you can also try other supplements and pills such as Cobalamin, Ethylcysteine, Glutathione, etc. This supplement has also been popular to increase men sperm count.

How To Last Longer In Bed Without Pills?

Are you among those guys who are looking for a way to improve your erections, control your ejaculations and prolong your performance in bed? You are not alone.


Sex specialists state that hundreds of men desire to boost their sexual functions; however most of them use weak or wrong methods. It is not a secret that a lot of men start thinking about soccer, baseball, or foods or use counting to cool down – the so-called distraction technique. But by doing so, they can show worse results in bed as they stop thinking about their partners – any intimate relations require high attention.

So, if you want to find out what effective methods can help you last longer in bed, please read the recommendation of top sex specialists and enjoy your sex with no medications, exhaustive devices, or risky and expensive surgeries.

Explore the Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra is a Hindu book of human sexual behavior that provides practical recommendations for the sexual activity. The textbook, among other, advises how to delay ejaculations and last longer in bed – in other words, how to train a male body.

You should start their sexual intercourses slowly – with one stroke in three seconds. In four or five minutes, you may increase the pace moving in and out with one stroke per second. When you feel that you are coming close to the climax, take a break and stay inside your partner unless you regain the control over your penis. Then, you are recommended beginning the intercourse again.

Free your mind

Job, problems, stress, fear… Forget about any things, which may distract you from your partner and such a pleasant process. Performance anxiety, embarrassment, fear to fail… You should become more confident in your powers and potential – don’t worry and listen carefully to you inner desires and appetite.